February 14-15 2020, Moscow

Radiology and Radiotherapy

III Russian Scientific and Educational Congress with International Participation


Dear Friends!

The time for next III Russian Scientific and Educational Congress with International Participation “Oncoradiology”, Radiology and Radiotherapy” has come. The congress is significant and illustrative event in professional community. I do not hesitate to say that nowadays no medical profession can’t do without oncoradiology, considering that this profession provides qualitative visualization, and anatomic features evaluation. Oncoradiology is a strong weapon against cancer. Diagnostics and therapeutic radiology were arised in the same time, their parallel development was built apon the same physical principles. Recently, different physical aspects such as standard types of ionising radiation, proton and neutron radiation are increasingly used in modern medicine. In addition, computer's performance in managing data, images reconstruction and radiotherapy planning.
New potentials open for early diagnosis and socially significant diseases effective treatment and the role of radiology is constantly growing. In addition, number of the goals set by the government in healthcare increased.

The specialists and scientists from different fields such as nuclear physics, optics, precision mechanics, material engineering, math and others are
involved in oncoradiology, radiology and radiotherapy. The Congress provides the opportunity for health care practitioners and technical specialists from all over the world to gather to learn about new advances and to exchange scientific ideas. Such activities are particularly important for young specialists. Young specialist is someone who  seek to harness the power of science and technology and successfully applies them in patients treatment. I admire the desire of young generation to learn, and my only goal is to provide them opportunity to learn from high-qualified teachers.
Dear colleagues and friends! I am delighted to represent oncoradiological community. The opportunity to open the III Russian Scientific and Educational Congress with International Participation “Oncoradiology”, Radiology and Radiotherapy” makes me happy. I can’t wait to see you at the Congress.


Best regards,

Congress President
Prof. Andrew Vazhenin


Долгушин Борис Иванович

Dear Colleagues and Friends!

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of modern radiodiagnosis and radiotherapy technologies in oncology. Radiologists, radiotherapists as well as doctors of other specializations, who work in numerous medical centers in Russia, are keeping interest to this theme.

III Russian Scientific and Educational Congress with International Participation “Oncoradiology, Radiology and Radiotherapy” initiate a series of annual congresses uniting specialists working in these fields of medicine for information exchange and experience accumulation.

Planned congress is an unique event in oncology development because all kinds of cancer radiodiagnosis and radiotherapy will be considered within the same event the first time in Russia. Some issues of the congress were never highlighted so widely and detailed.

The rapid pace of medicine development placing new demands to the education of medical specialists. Within the system of continuous medical education this congress allows to medical specialists and pharmacologists to get new skills and experience following to modern demands.

Special attention will be devoted to the training of young professionals. Extensive educational and methodical program of the congress could help beginning specialist to consolidate and organize their knowledges. In addition, the participation in the competition for young scientists leads to increasing of interest to research work among young people, helps to reveal talented doctors and encourage them.

On behalf of organizing committee I invite all interested specialists to actively take part in the work of congress. We are looking forward of your ideas and results of your research!

Hope to see you at the congress!

Best regards,
president of the III Russian Education Research
Congress with international participaton
«Oncoradiology, Radiology and Radiotherapy»
academician of RAS, professor Boris Dolgushin


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